What if I am not able to access the router through http://dlinkrouter.local ?

Most of the users complain of not being able to login to their router configuration portal through www.dlinkrouter.local. However, we have a solution to almost every problem related to the router configuration. What you need to do is just try to login to the router through the default IP address i.e. or One of these login methods will definitely work for you.

 What to do if the router is malfunctioning?

The router can malfunction sometimes due to several reasons like overheating of the equipment due to overuse or improper power supply. Then you can tackle this issue by switching off and on the router. If the router still doesn’t work properly then you need to perform a reset on the router.

How to reset the D-Link router via the reset button?

There is a reset button given in a pinhole on the back panel of the router. The user needs to insert a pinpointed object like a paper pin or anything pointed and hold the reset button for at least 10 seconds. The router lights will start blinking and the router will reboot to the factory settings in no time. This method of resetting is the easiest and time-saving method for performing the reset.

Note-It is very important to note that resetting the router will lead to erasing all the settings written in its memory and you need to reconfigure your router all again when you need to use it.

Login failure to the router through

Most of the commonly asked question is that if we fail to log in through the default IP address of the router, then what needs to be done. So, we won’t let you down and help all your issues. The most common mistake the users do while logging in to their router setup is that they enter the incorrect or wrongly spelled IP address of the router into the address bar of their browser.

Therefore, D-Link came to the rescue of their users by developing a user-friendly web domain www.dlinkrouter.local so that users don’t need to log in through the default IP address as it was quite hectic to remember and users end up in failure to access the router.

Firmware of the D-Link router

The firmware of any router is its backbone. The firmware of the router is the standing pillar in between the network and the router. The firmware acts as an interface between the user and the router/modem. The firmware of the router enables us to configure, customize and set up the router whenever we need to. D-Link releases the update on its router’s firmware from time to time and we should definitely update the router firmware in order to optimize the usage of the equipment.

D-Link router firmware update

The D-Link release updates on their products’ firmware. The firmware update brings in many new and enhanced features like additional parental controls, better Wi-Fi signal connectivity, better security to our network etc. The most important aspect of the router firmware update is to enhance the security of our existing wireless router.

How to update the firmware of D-Link router?

The firmware update can be understood in the below mentioned easy steps.

NoteThe important part to consider about the router firmware update is that you have to make sure that the uploading (updating) process isn’t interrupted in any case because if the process is interrupted, the whole of the firmware can get corrupt and can even malfunction or stops working completely. Therefore, make sure no obstacle is there while router firmware update is in process.

 How to recover the forgotten password of the router?

The D-link router as we know needs to be configured and setup before use. The D-Link router homepage can be accessed by entering the password to login. However, many a times user forgets the password to login to the router, so in that case it will be impossible to login to the router web portal. Now what we need to do is just reset the router thorough the reset button. The resetting of the router is described easily in the above said reset section.

Where can I find the MAC address of the router?

The MAC address of the router can simply be seen on the label pasted underneath the router device. If you still cannot find the MAC address through the label then you need to access the router’s portal through www.dlinkrouter.local and go to the Status section and then you will have the Device info where all the related data will be shown.

Why is it important to setup a passkey for our router?

The passkey or password for our router is very much essential as it eliminates all the dangers of abusive users hacking into our private network. The strong password should be kept including the alphanumerical characters so that the password setup is quite secure. The password of the router also secures our wireless network from being accessed by our neighbors or other nearby unwanted users.

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